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Planned Additions

Long term the plan is to add all information about Carlton. However, obviously that will take some time!. This is the plan:

  • any donated information (priority will be given to pre-typed information given to me via e-mail!)
  • Interactive family trees for 19th century residents (based on the registers and the census)
  • Interactive historical mapping covering Carlton from the 1750's up to modern times.


Previous Revisions

20th June 2006

Added several new maps to the historic map page: the large scale 1903, and 1949 sheets, and the smaller scale 1946.

Started a page on the Wratting Common airfield, which extended into the parish and surrounded Carlton Green.

Added minutes from various parish council meetings.


17th June 2005

Added Carlton Horse Show 2005 details.

Added minutes from two parish council meetings.

5th June 2005

Added some transcripts of interesting Village Voice articles from the 1980s.

21st May 2005

Added the 1881 and 1891 censuses to the Parish Register surname index. The censuses are now complete (previously the 1891 was missing Carlton Grange and Willingham Green), and they are now all in the same format. The old census pages have been retired (with suitable forwarding links)..

21st December 2004

The virtual tour has had a thorough overhaul and is open for business, and also there is now a (very) panoramic view covering Church road and Acre road together!

31st October 2004

Removed the horse show date news from the front page (since it's already happened!).

Updated the minutes on the parish council pages.

22nd March 2004

Added the broadband news, edited the burglary news.

6th February 2004

Upgraded the parish registers, now with more information, including the Banns for 1823 onwards.

Added a few more news items etc.

24th January 2004

Added further transcripts of historic news items.

Updated Carlton historic timeline.

12th December 2003

Added an indexed transcript of the baptism registers from 1813 to 1920  to the website.

Some broken links in the marriage registers have been fixed (hopefully for good). The parish register index page has been split into one page per letter of the alphabet to reduce loading times (the full index had grown to 500k!).

28th November 2003

An indexed transcript of the burial registers from 1813 to 2000 have been added to the website.

Some broken links in the marriage registers have been fixed (hopefully for good).

17th November 2003

An indexed transcript of the marriage registers from 1838 to 1939 have been added to the website.

20th October 2003

The 1767 map now gets its own web page (distinct from the historic maps page, which has also been updated) and gets more, and higher resolution photographs (there are some outside Carlton who allegedly get some new fangled technology called broadband).

Started a Carlton Timeline page - hope to get an entry for every year...

Added another will, this time for Swan Nash in 1844 - this one was tricky to decipher, but not as tricky as the next one...

Added the Parish Council Meeting Minutes for 19th August 2003.

20th September 2003

Added the "Welcome to Carlton" pamphlet which is maintained and distributed by the parish clerk to all new residents of Carlton. It contains a large number of useful contacts in the parish.

Added another Will (John Lawsell 1729)

29th August 2003

Quite a lot has been added - not all finished yet. There is a major new page for famous residents of Carlton here which you must check out if you have never heard of Sir Thomas Elyot, or the notorious William Farrow.

There is now a page for the Parish Council which includes minutes of meetings etc, and lots of other minor tweaks.

12th July 2003

Added mention of the new bin days and post collection times and minor corrections on the amenities pages. Started brightening some of the photos.

26th April 2003

OK, so nothing has happened to the site for almost a year - I'm feeling somewhat guilty. Thank-you for all those who have sent e-mails, I will get round to adding your suggestions to the website one day!

However, there is a bumper crop of news this week, so check out the news page for: Hillview Cottage to be Demolished,  current Road Maintenance, and a new Parish Council Vacancy.

I'd forgotten to mention the news item about the completion (well almost) of the Millennium walk.

30th October 2002

Added some historic newspaper clippings including information about the land enclosures.

25th May 2002

Added some historical parish council meeting minutes relevant to this years Jubilee.

Added a photograph from 1926 of Rose Cottage to the Historical Photographs page.

28 April 2002

We've had some letters from as far away as Norfolk and even Canada, read them on the new Letters Pages.

Also, after a week off, I've managed to finish transcribing (badly) the 1901 census. Hopefully the quality of the transcription will improve once I've cross referenced some of the names...

18 April 2002

Updated the news pages, for the thefts, peacock update, and election update.

7 April 2002

Added L. Fletcher's essay on Carlton Green.

Halfway through "prettifying" the history page, with the historic photographs moving to another page due to the addition of some photographs donated by M. Reynolds.

27 March 2002

Added the escaped Peacock news story, and tidied the front page.

1 March 2002

The 1861 census is now fully transcribed if anyone can help identify any of the houses I would be grateful.. News of the village pump has been added.

The historic map pages have been started with a few photographs of a stunning map of 1767.

17 February 2002

Partway through the 1861 census, although the 1841 census is now fully transcribed.

7 February 2002

Added the population graph to the census page.

2 February 2002

There are a few more census returns pages (none complete yet!) and a few minor revisions (including a simplified home page). 

One typographical change is that the site has moved to the "default font" (looks like Times New Roman to me). The reason for this change it to reduce the size of the web pages containing large tables (for example one of the census web pages has reduced from 137 kBytes to 57 kBytes) which should make a difference to loading times..  

A site navigation map has been added, so you can see everything on the site at a glance.

20 January 2002

There are now 10 entries from the Kelly's directories. There is also a few newspaper cuttings, and I've added a page describing the Listed Buildings in the villages. I've also started transcribing the census returns for 1881.

I've continued on the virtual tour page, but this is going to be a bit rough for ages!

6 January 2002

Added some pictures to the history pages, copied over the two Kelly's Directory entries.

Added the water pump to the list of amenities.

4 June 2001

Added the virtual tour page (with a gigantic number of images, ie two!). Also changed the picture on the front page.

25 May 2001

Added the location and news pages. Also a full restructuring of the entire web site (both pages!) to include the information page, and the site revisions page (this one!). Plus the page about the Cambridge Evening News article.

23 May 2001

Carlton web site open for business!

Currently only the home and amenities pages exist.