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1910 Land Duty
1767 Map
1904 Bacon Atlas
1946 OS Map
1903 Cambridgeshire Sheet 49 SW
1949 Cambridgeshire Sheet 56 NW


Carlton and Willingham Green in 1767

The Cambridge Record Office (CRO) has allowed me to photograph and post a selection old maps of Carlton. In the future I hope to add some interactive mapping features, but in the meantime this page shows some raw images of these maps. Reference: CRO R54/21/1

This map has the title "A Plan of the Manors of Carleton cum Willingham in the County of Cambridge and of Bradley in the county of Suffolk belonging to Thomas Brand Esq. taken in the year 1767"

This map is huge, and heavy. I would estimate five foot by eight, but I will have to measure it next time I see it. This makes it very difficult to view, and to photograph, as I couldn't unroll it all at once! For a document from 1767 it is in exceedingly good condition, and it is hard to believe that someone once painted all those little hedges.

The 1767 Thomas Brand map now has it's own page with more photographs than before, click on the thumbnails below.

WG_1767_8x6.jpg (142815 bytes)   Carlton1767_6x8.JPG (153302 bytes) CarltonGreen_6x5.jpg (96448 bytes)

Ordnance Survey Map 1903 & 1949

The Ordnance Survey maps below are scans from the Webmaster's own collection - please contact the webmaster if you wish to use these maps (or would like a higher resolution scan of a smaller area).

1903 Cambridgeshire Sheet 49 SW       1949 Cambridgeshire sheet 56 NW
(a.k.a. Suffolk Sheet [West] 52 SW)       (a.k.a. Suffolk Sheet [West] 61 NW)

Bacon's Popular Atlas of the British Isles - Cambridgeshire  1904


Carlton and Willingham Green in 1910

The "Duties on Land Values" survey of 6th April 1910 is an incredibly interesting document. Like the census, it lists the occupier for every house and piece of land in the parish. However, it also provides a map which clearly identifies each property, as well as listing the owners of the land. Click on any of the thumbnail maps below to take you to its page.