1767 Map
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This map has the title "A Plan of the Manors of Carleton cum Willingham in the County of Cambridge and of Bradley in the county of Suffolk belonging to Thomas Brand Esq. taken in the year 1767"

Reference: CRO R54/21/1

This map is huge, and heavy. I would estimate five foot by eight, but I will have to measure it next time I see it. This makes it very difficult to view, and to photograph, as I couldn't unroll it all at once! For a document from 1767 it is in exceedingly good condition, and it is hard to believe that someone once painted all those little hedges.

However, it is believed that it may not be entirely accurate. Some houses, which we would expect to be shown, are not (not conclusive). It is surmised that property on lands which did not belong to Thomas Brand Esq. were not recorded. It is suggested in Archeology of SE Cambridgeshire that much of this plan was based on an earlier map of 1612. The map itself does mention an earlier survey, but unfortunately I can't read this from my photo - I'll need to go back to check. It says something roughly like "NB The estate and manor of Carleton was copied from an eminent?? survey taken by Rodolphus Agar in Queen Elizabeth's time?? into which are inserted several?? new?? ??? since purchased. The whole ??? on the spot?? in the year 1767. At the same time the estate at Bradley was surveyed by Thomas Jefferys.

Click on any of the (large) thumbnail images below to see the full sized original photograph. Note that these can be up to 400kB in size which will take a couple of minutes to download.


This gives a rough idea of where North is (assuming I took the photos at the same angle each time!)

Carlton and Carlton Hill

The site of Cocksedge farm is to the South West and Hall farm is just above center.


Lopham's Hall

Just North of Carlton Green

Carlton Green

The road to the North (top left) is labelled "Road from Apes Groves to Little Carlton Green" which goes to today's Cocksedge Farm. The existing main road follows the road heading North East (top) on the map.




The church and rectory are at the bottom center, and the site of Hall farm is top right.

What is known these days as "the Green Lane" was called Pilcroft Lane in 1767.

The crossing footpath is called "Whoodes way",

Rainard's Bridge

Rainard's bridge spans the River Stour.

This is where Brinkley Road (Rainard's way in 1767) crosses the River Stour (which passes diagonally from bottom left to top right).

The corner of Rainard's pasture is approximately where the 20th century pond is at the bottom of the green lane (Pilcroft's lane coming in from the bottom right)

Footpath number ?? which is here called Whoodes Way

I think it is spelt "Raynard" these days...


North of Willingham Green


Willingham Green

This shows the common and the church. It is believed that the church was actually in ruins at this time, and that this picture was taken from an earlier map.

South of Willingham Green




The general contents of the separate Farms in Carleton
The Hall Farm 248 . 2 . 38
The Church Farm 367 . 0 . 21
The Wick Farm 209 . 0 . 1
Norney Farm 125 . 0 . 34
Apes Groves 27 . 2 . 34
Mawlings Farm 30 . 3 . 32
Shepherd 2 . 2 . 32
Woods 161 . 2 . 30
  1173 . 0 . 22
The Heath 131 . 4 . 19
Tufnels? Penn 5 . 0 . 31
Shepherds Penn 0 . 2 . 24
Total of Carlton Estate Acres   1310 . 1 . 16