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Latest News

Election results (2007)

Cllr. Richard Barrett has been re-elected as one of our two district councillors (along with Cllr. Vicky Ford whose post was not up for re-election this year). The Parish Council was not up for re-election this year.

Parish Clerk Retires

After over 40 years of service on the parish council Martin Reynolds has retired from the position of parish clerk, and at the 2007 Annual parish meeting the parish council chairman, Malcolm Stennett, presented him with a small token of the Parish Councillors' appreciation - an Acer Palmatum, with a two year guarantee!

Malcolm Stennett thanked Martin Reynolds for all his hard work on the Parish Council over 40 years, including 20 years as Chairman and 7 years as Clerk. In that time he has recorded a fantastic list of voluntary work, including having run the Boys’ Club in Brinkley for 40 years and chaired the Carlton Horseshow for 25 years.

New Parish Clerk

After several interviews a new parish clerk, Mrs Edith Osborn, has been appointed to the post. Edith is very well qualified, being both a chartered secretary and a resident of Carlton. Thank you to all those who applied for the post.

Mains sewerage coming to Carlton

At the 2007 Annual Parish meeting a presentation was made by the Planning Liason Officer for first time connections to foul sewers for Anglian Water. Read about the provision of mains sewerage for Carlton here.

Google Maps & Google Earth updated aerial photographs

Both Google Maps (a web based map viewer) and Google Earth (a free 3-D mapping application) now have updated high-resolution aerial photographs of Carlton.

They are both worth having a look at, and it's fun to over-fly an entire journey before you make it!


Local election results (2006)

After a very close run competition, Vicky Ford (Conservative) is now our district co-councillor (along with Cllr. Richard Barrett who was not up for re-election this year).

The South Cambridgeshire District  web site has a page for local election results, and a more transient looking link to the results for our Balsham Ward.

Our previous councillor, Cllr. Sam Agnew (Liberal Democrat) received 1011 votes (49%), and Cllr. Vicky Ford received 1060 votes (51%).

Our best wishes go to Cllr. Ford in her new role, and our thanks to Cllr. Agnew for all his hard work for us as Councillor.

Note that all the Carlton-cum-Willingham Parish Councillors continue to remain in office, as their posts were uncontested in the elections.


Carlton Horse Show is no more

Sadly the Carlton Horse show has been cancelled for the foreseeable future. However the village event that normally follows it (fish'n'chips and musical entertainment) is likely to continue.


Green Lane Volunteers

Our thanks go to the Members of the Green Lane Association who, with a huge effort, have fixed the muddiest part of the green lane.

Here is the full report, sent in by Simon Stirley, the Green Lane Association representative for Cambridgeshire.

Carlton Horse Show 2005, date announced

The date of this year's Carlton Horseshow will be Saturday, the 27th August 2005.

The horse show schedule is available in pdf format, as is the horse show entry form.

Please get your entry forms in well before 22nd August 2005, as any forms arriving as late as the week before the horseshow incur an extra charge.


Broadband arrives! (14th January 2005).

Both the Stetchworth and West Wratting exchanges have now been broadband enabled, so most of Carlton and Willingham Green should be able to receive broadband (at least to 512kbits/s).

Trilogy Telecom appears to be giving up placing its ADSL2 equipment in the BT exchange in West Wratting now that BT has enabled this with ADSL.

I can vouch for the fact that broadband does reach from West Wratting via Carlton Green at least as far as the post box in Carlton on Brinkley Road. Whether it will reach houses all the way as far as Little Low cottages or down the bottom of Acre Road is yet to be seen (your broadband provider will ask BT to perform a line test).

Carlton Horse Show 2004, date announced

The date of last year's Carlton Horseshow was Saturday, the 28th August 2004.

Here were the schedule and entry forms in PDF format.

Broadband delayed until September (4th June 2004).

We have received a letter for Trilogy announcing a delay to this service until September as there has been a problem with BT handing over the lines (tree roots on the lines). The letter is available here.

In separate news, BT has announced that they will be enabling all exchanges in the country within 18 months - although it is not clear if this will be using the technology that can reach as far as Carlton is from the exchange.

Broadband to arrive end of May (22nd March 2004).

South Cambridgeshire District Council and Trilogy Telecoms have jointly announced that the West Wratting exchange (which serves all of Carlton's 01223 29xxxx numbers) will be broadband enabled in late May. Full exciting details are available here.

Burglary at new houses (6th February 2004).

A burglary occurred late on Wednesday 4th February 2004 at the new houses being built on the former site of Hillview cottage. Apparently at least one cooker was stolen from one of the houses. The alarm in the other house was triggered early the next morning - neighbours saw no suspicious vehicles when woken by the alarm.

Wheelie bins arrive (15th November 2003).

The green and black wheelie bins have arrived!

Two changes to collection times (12th July 2003).

The post box collection times have already changed (see the amenities pages for details), but more importantly the bin collection day will change to Mondays, with the first collection being the 4th August 2003. By December everyone in the village should have been given a pair of wheelie bins (black and green) and the first collection using these will be on the 1st of December (a green bin day, with green and black on alternating weeks).

Frequently asked questions about the bin collection scheme is available on the District Council Web Site here.

Parish Council vacancy Filled (20th May 2003).

The mid-term parish council vacancy has been filled by John Coppen. See the Parish Council meeting minutes for details.

Hillview Cottage to be demolished (26th April 2003).

Sadly we have been informed that the Hillview cottage is to be demolished and two large houses be put up in its place. The parish council had objected to this development on the grounds that it was over-development for both the site and village, however South Cambridge District Council disregarded this advice (and their own policies about development and transport) and approved the development (14 votes to 8). The parish council is still of the view that smaller, more affordable houses would encourage a better community, rather than maximum-profit houses so obviously targeted at London commuters. 

It is a great shame to lose this unusually small house in the village which was probably built sometime in the 1700s, its situation so close to the road is something that would be unlikely to be allowed under current regulations! 

Road Maintenance (26th April 2003).

At the last Parish Council Annual meeting we were briefed about the road maintenance activities to occur in April and May. To start with all the broken sides of the roads will be lifted and repaired. Once this is done an cured then a top coat covering the whole road (tar & chips) will be applied giving a whole new pot-hole free surface. Although this will be a huge pain during the period where we will have to drive slowly, we should be grateful because the road will not be due for such major work for another 20-30 years!


Parish Council vacancy (26th April 2003).

After the recent resignation of David Leeves we now require someone to volunteer to be a parish councillor for Carlton-cum-Willingham! No elections need be held, and the duties are very light (four or five meetings a year). We would like to thank David for his contributions over the last 19 years on the council! Enquirers after the post should contact Council Chairman Caroline Revitt on (01638) 507334.

Millennium Walk Constructed

The Millennium Walk is now mostly constructed (apart from three unfortunately placed telegraph poles). See here for more information including before, during, and after photographs.

Burglaries (18 April 2002)

There have been at least three thefts from outhouses and fields in the last fortnight, so please be especially vigilant, and ensure that all tools, etc. are locked up safely.

Peacocks - update (18 April 2002)

The owners of the peacocks have been located (rather worried about where they had got to) due to the hard searching of a resident - and now it's just a rather tricky case of catching the runaways!

Parish Council Elections - update (18 April 2002)

The nominations have been made, and there are exactly seven (the number required) so there will be no Parish Council Election (which is good because it would have cost some money to run!). 

You will still get a chance to vote, however, as there will be a District Council election. 

The incoming parish councillors will be: Gillian Davis, Hedley Francis, David Leeves, Michael Mann, Caroline Revitt, Malcolm Stennett, and Margaret Whalley. Martin Reynolds continues in the rather more vital role of Parish Clerk!

Parish Council Elections

There are vacancies on the Carlton-cum-Willingham Parish Council, and the election is just around the corner on the 2nd May 2002. If you would like to stand as a Councillor please contact Martin Reynolds, Parish Clerk as soon as possible to obtain a nomination form. The deadline for nominations is noon on the 5th April 2002!


A group of three peafowl  has appeared in Carlton-cum-Willingham, have you lost any? If so then get in touch and we'll let you know their last known location.

Village Pump

The village pump is broken and needs fixing, click here for more details.

Cambridge Evening News 

Carlton has been the subject of a Cambridge Evening News village special which came out on the 14th May 2001. Here is the group photograph from that issue.

Social Events

Every year there is a horse show in summer, and a firework display in autumn.

Millenium Walk

This is a proposed 350 meter footpath along Church Road. This new path will run past the School House corner, along the edge of the field, ending opposite the existing pavement outside Walnut Tree Cottage. It will make a safe passage along the narrow, winding and potentially dangerous (40 mph) road that links one half of the village to the other.

If you require more information and/or would like to make a pledge don't hesitate to call, Caroline Revitt, David Leeves, or Martin Reynolds.