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The Parish Council

Carlton has a parish council consisting of 7 elected councillors (one the chairman) and the parish clerk. The parish council is the most local form of government, however it has limited powers and responsibilities and mainly acts as an organisational body for the village. 

Responsibilities include:

  • ensuring the grass verges are cut
  • making recommendations (not always followed) about planning applications to the District council
  • liaising with the district council over their obligations such as roads, drainage, foot paths, etc
  • managing and auditing the parish accounts

One of the major events of recent years has been the construction of the Millennium Walkway to link Carlton Hill with the church end of Carlton - thanks to the generous donations of many of the residents.

The Councillors

Official (and up to date) contact details for the chairman and clerk are available from the SCDC parish page here.

Name Position Address
Edith Osborn Parish Clerk Southbarn
Carlton Green Road
(01223) 291375

E-mail: parishclerk @

Stephen Roberts Council Chairman Acre Road, Carlton
Hedley Francis Vice Chairman Hillcroft, Brinkley Road, Carlton
John Coppen Parish Councillor Breydon, Acre Road, Carlton
Malcolm Stennett Parish Councillor Rose Cottage, Brinkley Road, Carlton
Caroline Revitt Parish Councillor Cromwell Cottage, Willingham Green
Michael Mann Parish Councillor Pond Cottage, Church Road, Carlton
Paul Dean Parish Councillor Carlton Green

Contacting the parish council

If you have a local issue that you would like to raise with the parish council then please feel free to talk to one of the councillors listed above, who can then discuss the issue with the other councillors.

If you would like to request information about the parish council (past minutes, financial data, meeting dates, etc) then please contact the parish clerk (also listed above). All official correspondence should be addressed to the parish clerk.

You can also e-mail the clerk, chairman, and vice-chairman of the parish council with parishcouncil @

Freedom of Information Act

Please contact the parish clerk for any information you require about the parish council. The clerk will be able to inform you if the information exists, and if there are any fees involved in obtaining a copy.

Examples of information the parish council holds:

  • Minutes and agendas from parish council meetings
  • Financial accounts of the parish council
  • Council policies, procedures, responsibilities and assets.

The council has adopted a generic freedom of information policy:

Download Carlton parish council's freedom of information policy (PDF)

There is Carlton specific list of information available, including details of how to obtain the data and any costs involved

Download Carlton parish council's schedule of information held (PDF)

Some of this information is available below (although the website is not always up to date).

Accessing Planning Applications

Note that all planning applications (rejected, accepted and pending) are available online through the South Cambridgeshire District Council website. Currently you can access them all (back to 1949) via this link. Select "Carlton" from the drop down list, select a range of dates, and click search. Clicking on a planning application in the table should bring up all the plans available for that planning application (or just the decision notice for earlier applications).

Downloadable documents

The following documents are in RTF format, which should be viewable in most document editors (MS Word, MS Wordpad, or any similar applications). If clicking on them doesn't open them, then right-click on them and choose the "Save As" option.

Date Document
9th May 2013 Parish Council Meeting Agenda
9th May 2013 Annual Parish Meeting Agenda
10th May 2012 Parish Council Meeting Agenda
10th May 2012 Annual Parish Meeting Agenda
4th November 2011 Parish Council Meeting Minutes
10th May 2011 Annual Parish Meeting Minutes
10th May 2011 Annual Parish Meeting Agenda
10th May 2011 Parish Council Agenda
8th February 2011 Parish Council Meeting Minutes
9th November 2010 Parish Council Meeting Minutes
3rd August 2010 Parish Council Meeting Minutes
29th June 2010 Annual Parish Meeting Minutes
16th June 2010 Parish Council Meeting Minutes
15th August 2006 Parish Council Meeting Minutes
20th May 2006 Parish Council Meeting Minutes
 7th February 2006 Parish Council Meeting Minutes
10th May 2005 Parish Council Meeting Minutes
15th February 2005 Parish Council Meeting Minutes
17th August 2004 Bank Reconciliation
17th August 2004 Parish Council Meeting Minutes
18th May 2004 Parish Council Meeting Minutes
17th February 2004 Parish Council Meeting Minutes
18th November 2003 Parish Council Meeting Minutes
19th August 2003 Parish Council Meeting Minutes
20th May 2003 Minutes of the 2003 Annual General Meeting
20th May 2003 Agenda of the 2003 AGM
8th April 2003 Annual Parish Council Meeting Minutes
31st March 2003 Income and Expenditure 2002-2003
11th February 2003 Parish Council Meeting Minutes
September 2003 Welcome to Carlton Pamphlet (NOW OUT OF DATE)

Further Parish Council Information

The Council is a member of the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Associations of Local Councils (CALC) who have a website here.

More information about parish councils can be obtained from the NALC website, including "The Good Councillors Guide".

Past Councillors

Here is a list of past members of the council who generously gave their time to help the village (it's clearly not complete, I'll add names as I find them)

Dates Name Comments
1968-1991 Mrs Mary McGregor Clerk
        -2003 David Leeves Planning and Trees specialist
        -2005 Margaret Whalley
Martin Reynolds Chairman and Clerk for many years