Millenium Walk
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Millennium Walk

The Millennium walk is a pathway connecting Carlton with Carlton Hill. It was built by generous contributions by the villagers, for the village. It was completed in August 2003 (apart from the tree and wild flower planting!).

The Millennium Walk is a 350 meter footpath along Church Road. It runs past the School House corner, along the edge of the field, and ends opposite the original pavement outside Walnut Tree Cottage. The land on which the path stands was originally a high bank with farmland on top. The bank has been moved back several meters to make way for the path. The land was generously donated for this purpose by the owners of the estate. The walk links the two main halves of Carlton which are divided by a 40 mph road, with quite a sharp turn at one point. This was quite dangerous for pedestrians and especially children to walk along.

Before the Millennium Walk


Construction of the Millennium Walkway

Construction of the walkway began in August 2002, somewhat later than the Millennium! The design was by David Leeves, the coordination was by Martin Reynolds (Parish Clerk) and the builder was Barry Snow. It was almost complete by the end of August 2002, apart from three unfortunately sited telegraph poles, which were waiting for a decision on grant money to cover the four to five thousand pounds which BT wanted to pay for their movement.

The telegraph poles were finally moved in July 2003 and the path finished soon after in August. All that remains now is to organise the planting of the planned trees and some wild flowers.