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Carlton's main attraction is that it is a peaceful village in rural England, which means it is a bit short on amenities, but it is quite close to several other villages which do provide them. Things it doesn't have are gas, mains sewage (coming 2009!), cable TV, or broadband phone connections (now 256K!) so stop sending us brochures for these things!

Apart from these pages, also have a look at the "Welcome to Carlton" pamphlet which is maintained and distributed by the parish clerk to all new residents of Carlton. It contains a large number of useful contacts in the parish.

Public Houses

There are no pubs in Carlton anymore (many years ago there used to be at least three, the "Axe and Saw", the "Woodman Spare that Tree", and the "Rose and Crown").

The nearest pubs now are The Red Lion in Brinkley, The Chestnut Tree in West Wratting, and The Bull in Burrough Green.


Carlton does have a church (St Peter's) and this doubles up as a meeting place for the parish council events as there is no village hall.

If you want a village hall for wedding receptions or parties then there are some very good village halls in Weston Colville, West Wratting and also Brinkley. I think the hall at West Wickham might be slightly larger - but don't quote me on that. There are undoubtedly other village halls around which I haven't visited. Possibly the Ellesmere Centre in Stetchworth also does this sort of thing.


The old schoolhouse also closed many years ago, so the closest schools are:

Burrough Green, Balsham, and Stetchworth - for Primary schoolchildren (and nursery possibly)

Linton - for older children.

There are also Montessori schools at Burwell (nursery) and Newmarket.

Postal Services

The post office in Brinkley has closed in 2000, that in West Wratting has been knocked down, and so the nearest post office is now  in Weston Colville (the Weston Green half). Weston Colville post office also sells household goods and food, so please support it. The sub-post-mistress is Christine Tilly, and her phone number for postal inquiries is 290629.  

There is also a post office in Stetchworth at the Ellesmere Community Centre which is open Mon-Fri, 09:00 to 13:00 along a community run shop (staffed by volunteers and opened in 1984).

Looking on the bright side however, Carlton has one postbox!. It's situated on Brinkley road in Carlton Hill, on the left shortly after the phone box as you are heading towards Brinkley. We've recently (2003) had a change in collection times! Here is a picture of it:

New collection times:
 Mon-Fri 4.00 pm
Sat 6.35 am

A later collection is made from Newmarket Post Office at 6.30 pm.

On Sundays and bank holidays a collection is made at 11.00 am from the letter box on the High Street, Brinkley.




There is a bus stop, and a bus runs to and from Newmarket once a day. The Carlton bus timetable is available on the Cambridgeshire County Council web site. The bus shelter is pictured below.

Phone boxes

There is a phone box, it is on Brinkley Road (next to the junction with Acre road) in Carlton Hill.

If you want to telephone someone in Carlton, its telephone number is

(01223) 290229 or from abroad +44 1223 290229.

The Telephone box and the bus shelter.

Village Pump

There is a village water pump (pictured below). It doesn't seem to work anymore, which seems a shame. If anyone knows anything about the history of this pump (or what we need to do to get it working again) then please get in touch. Our children always waggle the handle of this pump, as the first time they tried this a bird flew out of the nozzle!

Latest News: the last time I saw the pump it has been broken on its stand. It looks like it has been broken before, but mended, and that the old welding has corroded. This makes it more urgent to try and fix the pump!


County Council Services

Carlton is covered by Cambridgeshire County Council who have an extensive web site.

The district council is South Cambridgeshire District Council (SCDC) who have a website here.