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Green Lane Association – GLASS

Volunteer Maintenance Day, 10th July 2005

Broad Lane, Carlton, Cambs.

Members of the Cambridgeshire Green Lane Association (GLASS) have recently helped with some repairs to a Byway near Carlton. Arranged in co-operation with Karen Champion of Cambridgeshire County Council Countryside Services Team the group levelled and repaired several sections of the byways surface. Assisted by local farmers Peter and Andrew Coppen several tonnes of railway ballast were used to firm the lanes surface and help with the drainage. In addition new drains were dug and land-drain pipes set in the bottom to direct any water into the adjacent ditches.
The Green Lane Association is a national user group, dedicated to researching and protecting the UK's unique heritage of ancient vehicular rights of way and promoting sensible driving in the countryside.

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The surface drainage was poor, coupled with the general lie of the lane it caused pooling in the centre and inevitably some ‘cutting up’
Drains were dug across the width of the lane, to the main ditches at the side. Yellow ‘land-drain’ pipes were used to assist drainage.
This was filled over and carefully levelled with stone
The local farmer, Peter Coppen (above), was incredibly helpful. Using his JCB Loadall all day to transport the material to the site and assist with spreading it around – and making sure nothing got missed !
The JCB Loadall delivers more stone.
Another large heap of stone to be shifted. In total between 30 and 40 tonnes of stone were placed carefully onto the lane, improving drainage, filling ruts and generally levelling and improving the surface.
GLASS volunteers, including the smaller ones, all in need of a rest after a hard days work. Local farmer Andrew Coppen, who commanded the JCB, is pictured fourth from the right.