Carlton Census
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Census: Carlton-cum-Willingham

The census is taken on a single day every 10 years, with the records being made public after 100 years. The censuses for 1801-1831 merely recorded the number of people in each village. However, the 1841 census was the first to record the names of all the people in each house. This site contains transcripts of all available censuses for Carlton and Willingham Green.

If you are interested in looking up a specific person then you should access the census via the alphabetical surname index on the Parish Register page, which indexes all the censuses in parallel. If you wish to browse a particular census for the whole parish then select one of the years below:

Census years: 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901

Note: Unfortunately the census returns for Carlton don't give the name or number of each houses apart from rare (ie important) cases, but they should be in order, and the street names are given. Bear in mind though that some houses may have counted for more households than they do today. And some houses have disappeared. Please - if you know from the inhabitants (or the old name of your house) which entry corresponds with your house please tell me as this will help in working out which houses the other people lived in! One way to find out which entries correspond to your house might be to start with the 1910 land tax survey - which comes with a map - and work backwards to 1901 (the latest published census).

All the censuses listed above have been transcribed from photocopies taken from either microfilm or microfiche available at the CRO, these microfilm copies are not as clear as they could be, so it is possible that errors have occurred in the transcription. Where there is known uncertainty, an asterix, "*", appears next to the word or initial.

Population over the years

The following chart and table (derived from the census data) shows how the population has varied over the years:

Census Date Enumerator Houses Males Females Total
1801 10 March         229
1811 27 May         271
1821 28 May         363
1831 30 May         387
1841 7 June William John Charville       424
1851 31 March Richard Kent Long 90 234 235 469
1861 11 April Philip Francis Frost 102     402
1871 3 April         447
1881 4 April         337
1891 10 April Francis Frost       313
1901 1 April A.S.Nice       264
1911 3 April         279
1921 20 June         254
1931 27 April         222
1991     70     206
2001     66     166


1991 census

The table below shows a summary of the census data for 1991. It shows that no households have no car, 30% have one car, and 70% have two or more cars. Which by my calculations means there are around 120 cars in Carlton! Note that the number of houses for the earlier surveys (above) refers to the number of households - many of today's houses were in fact 2 or 3 semi-detached households back then! 

1991 Population Households Residents older than 75  Households with  Households  Percentage with Jobs  Houses owned by
0 cars 1 car 2 cars  Owner  Occupied  Rented  Housing Association  Local Authority
206 70 7 0% 30% 70% 84.7 5.6 4.2 0 5.6


2001 census

Detailed statistics for the 2001 census are available from the Cambridgeshire county council web site.