Carlton Timeline
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989 Alfhelm Poga left land at Carlton to his wife  
1066 4 hides here belonged to Earl Alfgar, and 2 at Willingham to King Edward's thegn Tochi  
1086 The abbot of Cluny held the 4 hides of Warenne  
1227 Henry III granted to the Knights Templars his wood at Carlton called the King's wood (kept by Roger Leverer).  
1372 Little Carlton manor comes to John Lopham  
1415 Thomas Lopham (John's son) appointed serjeant-at-law  
1416 Thomas Lopham dies (apparently without children)  
1523 Sir Thomas Fynderne dies, leaving his estate in Carlton to Sir Thomas Elyot 1
1538 After the priory's surrender all lands were granted to Thomas Cromwell  
1540 Cromwell sells Carlton Manor to Sir Thomas Elyot  
1546 Sir Thomas Elyot dies and is buried at Carlton Church 1
1581 Mr Tomson lic. "to teach boys, viz. to read englisshe and the grammar rules" - Carlton-cum-Willingham  
1582 Edward Brachier, B.A., lic. "to teach grammar" - Carlton-cum-Willingham  
1590 Mr Disborowe master - Carlton-cum-Willingham  
1767 Map of Carlton parish created for Thomas Brand, Esq 1
1794 Farm for Auction 1
1798 Notice of Enclosure of Carlton given 1
1799 Inclosure of Carlton cum Willingham 1
1818 Auction of the effects of the late carpenter William Maling 1, 2
1821 Thomas Rivet, 4, killed by falling gate 1
1824 Thomas Jaggard, clerk of this parish for 36 years, drowned at Rayner's bridge during a flood 1
1834 Herbert Woollard, killed while digging gravel by the bank falling in.  
1835 Barnaby Loyd killed by falling barn in winds.  
1837 Auction of Cook's farm at the Axe and Saw 1
1841 First census recording resident's names 1
1841 Inquest of John Reeve, presumed killed by cart 1
1844 Swan Nash senior, farmer of Carlton Grange, dies. 1, 2
1848 Mare stolen from Mr William Symonds 1, 2
1849 Bull-dogs kill sheep belonging to Hanslip Long 1
1850 Fire in house of Carlton surgeon, Mr John Crosby. 1
1850 Bigamy of Mr Stephen Shinkfield and Ann Cook 1
1851 This census includes ages, relationships, and employment of residents.  
1853 Incendiary fire at Mr Revel's Cockfield farm  1
1861 Census  
1871 Census  
1880 George Woods shoots himself, judged insanity by the crown court.  
1881 Census  
1889 Trial of George Cornwall for assault 1
1891 Census  
1895 Suspicious death of Harry Mayes - his father George is arrested 1
1901 Census 1
1961 Independent Press & Chronicle newspaper article on Carlton published 1
2001 Carlton Village Website founded 1
2002 Michael Browning of Rood Hall, actor, dies. 1
2003 Hillview cottage demolished  
2003 Millennium Walk completed  
2003 Vice-Admiral Sir Peter Berger dies (1925-2003)  1