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Inclosure 1799
IPC 17Nov1961



Independent Press & Chronicle, Friday, November 17, 1961 (p13)

The 98th in their series of articles on Cambridgeshire villages.

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Below are some News items from the Archives, most come from the Cambridge Collection (this is just a selection of the Carlton news stories they have on microfilm):

The Cambridge Chronicle and Journal, 24 May 1794 (p4)

CAMBRIDGESHIRE. - To be SOLD by AUCTION on Wednesday the 11th day of June next, at the Rose at Cambridge, A FARM, at CARLTON in Cambridgefhire. Confifting of a Farm-Houfe and other convenient buildings, and about one hundred acres of Arable, Meadow and Pafture Land, eight acres whereof are Tithe free, and in the occupation of Giles Pettitt, without leafe. The tenant will fhew the premises.   For further particulars enquire of Mr. Le Grice, attorney, Bury ; Mr. Gee, attorney, Cambridge ; or Mr. Squire, attorney, Ipfwich.


The Cambridge Chronicle and Journal, 25 Aug 1798 (p1)

CARLTON INCLOSURE. - Notice is hereby given, That a petition will be prefented to the Honourable the Houfe of Commons in the next feffion of Parliament, for leave to bring in a Bill for dividing, allotting, inclofing, exchanging, exonerating from tythes, and otherwife regulating and improving all the common fields, common meadows, common paftures, and other commonable lands and wafte grounds in the parifh of Carlton cum Willingham, in the county of Cambridge. 

Wm Nash, Solicitor, ROYSTON, 11th August, 1798.

Click here for the actual inclosure notice of 1799 detailing the roadways.


The Cambridge Chronicle and Journal,  27 March 1818 (p2)

CARLTON, Cambridgeshire. - To be SOLD by AUCTION, By William BIGGS.

On Wednesday, April 8th, 1818, and following day, on the premises. All the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, FARMING STOCK, and IMPLEMENTS, Brewing and Dairy Utensils, valuable STOCK in TRADE, Working Tools, and other Effects, of Mr Wm. MALING, carpenter, deceased. 

The Furniture comprises four post bedsteads and hangings, feather-beds and bedding, mahogany tables and chairs, oak and rim ditto, bureaus, chests of drawers, cupboards, looking glasses in gilt and common frame, an eight day clock, two watches, silver table and tea spoons, two fowling pieces, quantity of pewter and earthenware, copper and other culinary articles; hogshead brewing copper, mash and guile tubs, 16 excellent beer casks from 1 to 3 hogsheads, &c, &c.

The Farming Stock comprises a  3 year old filly, 2 mares, aged ; 2 handsome Suffolk cows, in profit ; road waggon, harvest ditto, timber carriage, 3 tumbril carts, 1 water ditto, a tax'd cart and harness, ploughs and harrows, ridge and stetch rolls, 2 wheelbarrows, clover frame, 3 tons of Meadow Hay, 4 loads of Wheat and Oat Straw, 16 bushels of Malt, quantity of cheese, sacks, harness, &c., &c.

The Stock in Trade consists of a variety of useful scantlings, round timber, quantity of fellies, 12 tran of spokes, 2000 feet of very superior 3/4 inch elm and other boards, well seasoned and extra width ; 500 feet of inch ditto, 400 feet of planks, quantity of prepared joiner's work in floor boards, framed and ledged doors and shutters, chimney pieces, &c. ; variety of ironmongery, in nails, screws, hinges, locks, bolts, coffin furniture, &c.; quantity of sweet oil, linseed and neat's foot ditto, spirits of wine, turpentine, vitriol, drugs and colours ; a large assortment of carpenter's tools, benches, turning lathe, grindstone, double and treble blocks, with brass sheaves, &c., &c, &c.

May be viewed two days previous to the sales. Catalogues may be obtained at the public-houses in the neighbourhood, or on the premises, and of the Auctioneer, Linton.

The Furniture and Brewing Utensils will be sold on the first day, - On account of the large number of lots, the sale will commence each day precisely at Ten.


The Cambridge Chronicle and Journal (and Huntingdon Gazette), 29 May 1818 (p3)

NOTICE to DEBTORS and CREDITORS. - All persons who stand indebted to Mr Wm. MALING, carpenter of Carlton Green, Cambridgeshire, at the time of his decease, are requested to pay the respective amounts to Mr George Turner of Weston Colville, or Mr Charles Edrupt, of Carlton aforesaid, on or before the 25th day of June next, or they will be sued for the same ; and all persons to whom the said William Maling was indebted, are desired to send in an account of their several demands, on or before the said 25th day of June, or they will be excluded from any benefit arising from his estate and effects.

Dated this 20th day of May 1818. George Turner & Charles Edrupt, Executors of William Maling. 


The Cambridge Chronicle and Journal, Friday, 1 June 1821 (p3)

On the 25th day uit. an inquest was held at Carlton, before the same coroner [William Parr Isaacson], on view of the body of Thomas Rivet, a child four years old, who was killed by a gate or lift falling upon his body. - Verdict, accidental death.

The Cambridge Chronicle and Journal, Friday, 21 May 1824 (p3)

On Monday last, an inquest was held before the same coroner [William Parr Isaacson, Esq., coroner for this county], at Carlton, on view of the body of Thomas Jaggard, a carrier, who on returning from Cambridge with his horse and cart, on the Saturday evening previous, was overturned at a place called Rayner's Bridge which had been overflowed by the late rains. By the force and rapidity of the current his horse and cart were carried half a mile, and his body a mile from the spot where he fell, and two other persons nearly lost their lives at the same place. The jury returned their verdict "that in consequence of the imperfect and dangerous state of the road leading from Brinkley to Carlton, at a place called Rayner's Bridge, the said Thomas Jaggard was overturned and accidentally drowned."


The Cambridge Chronicle and Journal, 1 July 1837 (p1)

COOK'S FARM, CARLTON, Cambridgeshire. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By R.D.THURGOOD, At the Axe and Saw public-house, Carlton, on Thursday, July 6th, 1837, at Three o'clock;

A desirable FARM HOMESTALL and about 28 Acres of rich ARABLE and PASTURELAND, situate in the parish of Carlton; which will be divided into Four Lots. All the above Lots are in the occupation of Mr. Charles Edrupt, who is under notice to quit at Michelmas next. The Estate is Copyhold of the Manor of Carlton cum Willingham.

Two-thirds of the purchase-money may remain on mortgage if required.

Further particulars, with conditions of sale; at the neighbouring inns of Mr. William Thurgood, solicitor, and of the Auctioneer, Saffron Walden.


The Cambridge Chronicle and Journal, 17 April 1841 (p2)

INQUISITIONS BEFORE MR. PHILLIPS.- On Saturday the 10th inst. at Carlton, on view of the body of John Reeve, aged 25 years, a labourer in the employ of Mr. John Revell, who on the previous day, was sent with a horse to Balsham for a van, and not returning when expected, his master went in search of him and found him a corpse about half a mile from home, by the road side. Mr. John Prince, surgeon of Balsham examined the body , and was of the opinion that death was occasioned by violent injuries on the chest; the probability is that the wheel of the van passed over his chest, but there being no direct evidence to that effect, the jury returned a verdict that the deceased "died from the effect of violent injuries on the chest, but how such injuries were inflicted no evidence appeared."


The Cambridge Chronicle and Journal, 20 April 1844 (p2)

SUDDEN DEATH.- An afflicting instance of the shortness of human life occurred on Tuesday night last, in the death of Mr Nash, sen., of Carlton Grange. Mr. N. had the same evening been attending a private meeting at Linton, and when in the act of retiring to rest, and without the slightest indication of ill health, suddenly fell down and expired.


The Cambridge Chronicle and Journal, 15 April 1848 (p2)

HORSE STEALING.- During the night of Tuesday, or early on the morning of Wednesday the 12th inst., a bay mare, the property of Mr. Wm. Symonds, of Carlton, was stolen, she was heard of last at Weston Colville, and was supposed to be coming to Cambridge : enquiries were made, but no further tidings could be heard of her.

The Cambridge Independent Press, 15th April 1848 (p3)

CARLTON.- On Tuesday night last , a bay mare was stolen from the yard of Mr Wm. Symonds. The mare was traced to Weston Colville, on the Cambridge road, and has not since been heard of.


The Cambridge Independent Press, 21 April 1849 (p3)

CARLTON.- Sheep Worrying.- Two bull-dogs entered a sheep-yard on Monday morning at Carlton, and destroyed a large number of sheep, the property of Handslip Long, Esq. The dogs were found in the yard by the shepherd about five in the morning. Mr Long has kindly accepted, and is perfectly satisfied with, the lives of the two dogs in expiation of his great loss.


The Cambridge Independent Press, 6 July 1850 (p3)

CARLTON.- Fire.- About eight o'clock, on Wednesday morning, a fire broke out on the premises of Mr. John Crossby, surgeon, of Carlton, and being thatched, they were reduced to ruin in an incredibly short space of time, even before scarcely a vestige of property could be secured. The fire occurred through the heating of an oven.


The Cambridge Chronicle and University Journal, Saturday August 3, 1850 (p2)

CARLTON.- Bigamy.- At the Norwich Assizes, Stephen Shinkfield (44) pleaded guilty to a charge of having married Ann Cook, in this village, on the 10th November last, his former wife Ellen being then alive ; and also to a previous conviction for felony.


The Cambridge Independent Press, Saturday December 24, 1853 (p5)

CARLTON.- Incendiary Fire.- On Wednesday evening week, about nine o'clock, a barn in the occupation of Mr. Revel, of Cockfield farm, was discovered to be on fire, and owing to the wind, coupled with the cunning of the incendiary - he having set fire to the east corner of the barn - the entire premises soon became a prey to the devouring element; indeed, some exertion was required to get the children, ten in number, out before the house took fire. It is fortunate the fire was discovered at the moment it was, as Mr. Revel was preparing to retire to his bed  : and had he and his family been asleep at the time, there is no doubt they would have perished in the flames. We believe most of the live stock on the farm was saved, with the exception of a foal which could not be got out. All the dead stock, with the farming implements, except the carts and waggons, were destroyed, as was the household furniture. Mr. Revel is insured in the Imperial Fire Office.


The London Gazette, August 29, 1876 (p4804)


Pursuant to the, Statute 22nd and 23rd Victoria, chap. 35.
NOTICE is hereby given, that all persons having any claims upon-the estate of John Lescombe Crosby, late of Carlton, in the county of Cambridge, Surgeon, deceased (who died on the 25th day of. November, 1874, and whose will was proved by William John Beeton, the
executer therein-named, on the 10th day of February, 1875, in the District Registry at. Peterborough of Her Majesty's Court of Probate), are hereby required to send in particulars of their claims to the undersigned on or before the 14th day of October next, after which date
the said executor, having regard only to the claims of which he may then have notice, will proceed to distribute the assets of the deceased. - Dated this 23rd day, of August, 1876.
HENRY W. JACKSON, Haverhill, Suffolk, Solicitor to the Executor.

The Cambridge Chronicle, Friday July 26th, 1889 (p8)

CARLTON cum WILLINGHAM- Concerning the trial of George Cornwall, at the County Quarter Sessions, H. St John Raikes, the counsel for the defence, writes that the prisoner was brought forward under two indictments for assault, and - "On the more serious charge the prisoner was acquitted, while as regards the minor one, I, as his counsel , practically pleaded guilty as there was no defence to it. No suggestion was made by the court in my hearing that the prisoner should be examined as to his sanity, as that question would have been decided before, and not after sentence."


The Cambridge Chronicle, Friday February 8, 1895 (p8)

CARLTON.- THE SUSPICIOUS DEATH.- Last night at the "Red Lion," Brinkley, the County Coroner (Mr. A.J. Lyon) resumed the enquiry into the cause of the death of Harry Mayes, the son of George Mayes, a farm horse-keeper, of Carlton. After a lengthy enquiry, the Jury returned a verdict that the deceased died from various wounds on the head, received on the 23rd January, causing concussion of the brain : but how the wounds were produced they were unable to ascertain. The father of the deceased has been arrested on suspicion and will be brought before the Linton Bench at the next sitting.


Cambridge Evening News, Thursday 10th July 2003

Actor's fortune left to partner

AN ACTOR who died last year has left most of his fortune to his partner.
Michael Neville Browning, who lived at Rood Hall, Carlton Green, near Newmarket, has left an estate valued at 1.7 million.

Most of it goes to his long-time partner, Manuel Marrero de Hombre, according to his will published last month.

Mr Browning died, aged 72, in October last year after suffering from cancer.

He also left 5,000 each to Oxfam, Children in Need, Cancer Research UK and Friends of the Earth.

He also had a home in London and had been an actor for about 50 years. He had appeared in the popular 1960s television series The Avengers and also The Famous Five series.