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The Minute Book of the Parish Meeting of the Parish of Carlton-cum-Willingham dates back to the 4th December, 1894.

One day I'll transcribe it all (or at least the interesting bits), but for the moment here some extracts which are rather topical given the Queen's Golden Jubilee:


June 12th, 1902

A Public Meeting to take steps to celebrate the coronation of King Edward VII.

There was a large attendance. Rev A.E.Gover in the chair.

The chairman read out the amount promised and collected up to date 23:1:6, and stated that replys to several of the letters sent out had not yet been received.

There was a general discussion after this, and it was agreed that a dinner should be given to all the people of the Parish, and that sports etc should be held in the evening. It was also proposed and carried that a mug should be given to all the children of the Parish as a memento of the Coronation.

It was proposed and carried that a committee be formed to carry out the necessary arrangements consisting of Rev. A. E. Gover, chairman. Messrs L.Long, A.S.Nice, H.Smith, J.Avery, J.Barnes, C.Cook, & J.Haylock.

The chairman informed those present that Mr C.Cook's proposal at the last meeting about sinking a well as a permanent memorial could not be carried out as sufficient funds for that purpose could not be raised.

The Chairman declared the meeting closed

Coronation of King Edward VII

A Committee Meeting


    Rev A.E.Gover, Chairman

    Messrs A.S.Nice, J.Haylock, H.Smith, J.Avery, J.Barnes and C.Cook

    T De Fraine, Clerk

The chairman reported that the total amount collected and promised amounted to 26:10:9.

The supply of meat, was first taken, and discussed for some time, it had been thought that lgs of pork should be got as well as beef and mutton, it was proposed and carried that round of salt beef and legs of mutton only be used, and that the Clerk Mr T De Fraine order same from Mr G.W.Jarvis of Haverhill.

It was proposed and carried that the Rev. Gover order the bread, flour, grocery etc.

It was proposed and carried that Mr J.Avery should supply the Mugs for the Children, ginger beer etc (calies)? for the tables, tickets for the beer, and also provide tea in the evening.

It was proposed and carried that three 18 gallons of beer be got, Two from Mr Wooten and One from Mr Christmas, and that Mr A.S.Nice give the order.

The Clerk Mr T De Fraine was instructed to get 1 worth of rockets.

Proposed by Mr A.S.Nice, and seconded by Mr J Avery, that Mrs Gover give the mugs to the Children. Carried unanimously.

This brought business to and end and the Chairman declared the meeting closed.

March 1952

The Annual Parish Meeting was called, after due notice had been given on Church Door, and Parish Notice Board, in the Church Hall, Carlton-cum-Willingham, at 7.30p.m. on Monday, March 31st 1952.

A fair number of parishioners attended.

The minutes of the last Parish Meeting were read, confirmed, and signed. In the absence of Mr Nield, Miss O.I.Palmer took the chair.

The chief business was the celebration next year of the Coronation, and the improvement to the War Memorial.

It was proposed by Mr A.Wylie, and seconded by Miss Bullen that provided the County Council was agreable, the money left over from the "Welcome Home" Fund, which could not be used at the end of the war, should be divided. Thirty pounds (30) to go towards the improvement of the War Memorial, and the rest go towards the Coronation Celebrations. This was passed by the Meeting.

Mrs A. Wylie will see the County Council about the matter, and report.

The meeting then closed.