Church to Acre Road
Carlton Green
Entering Carlton
War Memorial
Church Road I
Church Road II
Church Road III
Church to Acre Road
Acre Road I
Acre Road II
Brinkley Road I
Brinkley Road II
Brinkley Road III
Willingham Green (I)
Willingham Green (II)
East Panorama
Aerial Photos

Continuing along Church road there is nothing but the new Millennium Walk for company for about 300m. This path starts on the right, opposite Walnut Trees where the pavement on the left finishes, and continues all the way to Acre road.

Entering Carlton Hill is a hard left hand corner where Church road changes into Brinkley road and meets the two junctions where Acre road forks around the Old School House (in the centre of the triangle thus formed). 

The Old School House

Millennium Walk  Continue along Brinkley Road

Turn Right down Acre road


Back along Church Road (pre-Millennium path)