Brinkley Road III
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Church to Acre Road
Acre Road I
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Brinkley Road I
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Brinkley Road III
Willingham Green (I)
Willingham Green (II)
East Panorama
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Coming across Raynor's bridge, over the river Stour, we start to head up the hill towards Brinkley. The only houses visible are Little Low Cottages on the left. When we near the top of the hill there is a junction to the left taking us to Willingham Green.

If for the moment we carry on towards Brinkley then we first come to the Rose and Crown - a former public house. Beyond this are ??? and Boundary Cottage (so named because it straddles the parish boundaries of Carlton-cum-Willingham and Brinkley). Beyond these is Brinkley, so we'd best head back and take the Willingham Green turning.

Raynor's Bridge Little Low Cottages
  Turn left for Willingham Green Or straight ahead for The Rose & Crown
  What's this one called??? Boundary Cottage