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Above shows Carlton Green as approached from Weston Colville and West Wickham. The buildings visible belong to Finchley (Gate) farm, which although physically in Carlton Green, is politically in the parish of Weston Colville.  An essay on Carlton Green by Lynn Fletcher is available here.

The first house (next to the Farm on the left hand side of the road) is the old pub, the Woodman Spare that Tree, now known as Woodman's House (previously as Woodmans Cottage).  It's appearance is very similar to another ex-public house in Carlton, the Axe and Saw (now Hillcroft). It is opposite the T-junction of the road that goes to Little Thurlow.

The only house still standing on this road is what is now called Rood Hall (on the left). In the past there were several workers cottages just further on than Rood Hall (the houses were on the left of the road, and some of their gardens on the right). The original green used to be between the Thurlow road and the main Carlton road, but all traces of this (including the houses on the diagonal) disappeared a very long time ago.

Going back to Woodman House, next door is Woodmans, this is a 1960's house built on the site of a Victorian cottage pulled down in the 1950's, and is now a jolly blue colour!

Turn right to Little Thurlow ...and Rood Hall ...back to Woodman House and Woodmans

Next door again are two pairs of workers cottages. Ginty's (169) and 170 are the first pair. Appletree cottage (171) and Buntings (172) are the second. The numbers, e.g. 171 & 172  of the houses refers not to their position on the road in Carlton, but to their position in the register of houses on the Six Mile Bottom Estate. For example, numbers 173-174 are in Acre road on the other side of Carlton!

Halfway between Carlton Green and Carlton is Lopham's Hall (off to the right on the map above), a 15th century moated house built for Sir Thomas Fynderne.

169 (Ginty's) and 170 Appletree cottage & Buntings          (171 & 172)        Lopham's hall  



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