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As Church road goes around the hard left hand bend it turns into Brinkley road. On the right in the triangle formed by Acre road, Church road and Brinkley road is the Old School House. Just after this (on the corner with Acre road) is the imaginatively named Corner Cottage, and opposite this is the telephone box and bus shelter. Next on the left is Fourwinds, then the entrance to Poppy Barn, and then the post box (Carlton's other amenity!). Behind the postbox used to stand Hillview Cottage, this has now been demolished to make room for two new buildings, Hillview (II) and Oak House. Opposite Fourwinds is The Gables, and next to that (opposite the post box) is Hillcroft



Phone Box


(original Hillview)

Hillview (II) and Oak House

Old School House Corner Cottage The Gables Hillcroft
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