Church Road III
Carlton Green
Entering Carlton
War Memorial
Church Road I
Church Road II
Church Road III
Church to Acre Road
Acre Road I
Acre Road II
Brinkley Road I
Brinkley Road II
Brinkley Road III
Willingham Green (I)
Willingham Green (II)
East Panorama
Aerial Photos
Continuing along Church road to our left is the older Orchard House and Walnut Trees, the modern bungalow Port-na-Craig, and the two wood-clad Swedish Houses. Then two more modern bungalows Talland, and Cyrynti, before coming to the new entrance to the Hawkwind Stud.


  Back towards the Memorial

Orchard House

The Swedish Houses


Once we have left the Church Farm barns behind, there are no more houses on the right side of the road until the junction with Acre Road. Along this stretch, joining the two ends of the villages, is the Millennium Path. It starts just opposite Walnut Trees and finishes at Acre road.
Cyrynti Hawkwind Stud Millennium Walk Continue to Acre Road