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History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Cambridgeshire, 1851 published by Robert Gardner. This copy came from the university of Leicester


This parish, which is situated on the borders of the county of Suffolk, contains 2,200 acres: the amount of assessed property is £2,589., and its populations in 1801, was 229; in 1831, 383; and in 1841, 424 souls. The soil is principally light, and the principal owners are lord Dacre and lady Lophams, the proprietors of the manors, and John Hall, Esq.

Manors.- At the time of the Doomsday Survey the manor of Carlton Magna, which had been the property of the earl of Mercia, was held by the Abbot of Clugny under Wm. de Warren. It afterwards belonged successively to the priory of Lewes, and to the Knight;s Hopitallers, and Henry VIII. granted it to Sir Edward North, and at a subsequent period of Thomas lord Cromwell. Sir Thomas Elliott possessed it, and died here in 1546, and his heir sold it to Hugh Stewkley, Esq. It passes afterwards through several hands to the present proprietor. The manor of Carlton Parva, was for some time in the families of Fynderne amd Puttenham, and subsequently in the Dacre family. The manor of Gatwards, in Willingham, which was formerly held under the prior of Lewes is now united to the manor of Carlton Parva.

The Village of Carlton, which is small, is partly situated in a hollow, about 7 miles south from Newmarket, and the same distance N.E. from Linton.

The Church dedicated to St. Peter, is a small ancient edifice i nthe deanery of Camps, patronage of the trustees of the incumbent, and incumbency of the Rev. Wm. Wilder, M.A. The living is a rectory, rated in the K.B. at £9., but now worth £287. nett per annum. At the enclosure of the parish in 1799, a corn rent was given to the rector in lieu of tithes: this corn rent is about 4s. 6d. per acre, subject to change every 14 years. The church and rectory house are situated on very elevated ground, and command an extensive view over a richly-wooded and cultivated country.

Willingham is a small hamlet in this parish, about 3/4 of a mile S.W. of Carlton. Here was formerly a chapel of ease dedicated to St. matther, the remains of which have been lately removed.

Directory.- Rev. Wm. Wilder, M.A., rector; John Crosby, surgeon; Robert Harbutt, shopkeeper ; James Stubbings, beer retailer ; Wm. Quy, vict., Axe and Saw ; and the farmers are Hanslip Long, church farm ; Thomas Nash, Carlton-grange; Wm. Bulbrook Nice, Carlton-hall ; Fred. Olley, Lophams hall ; and John Revell, Cocksedge-farm.

Letters are received through the Newmarket Post Office.