Lopham's Hall

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Name House Name::Lopham's Hall
Former Names House Name::Barbedor's, Carlton Parva
Hamlet Hamlet Name::Carlton Green
Street House Name::Carlton Green Road
Location House Location::52.14222, 0.40540
Built on or before year House Date::
Is the building Listed House Listed::Yes
When the house was rebuilt House Date::Not applicable
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House Introduction::

Photographs of Lopham's Hall

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There is a website that describes the moats of Lopham's Hall in much detail.

Newspaper Articles

Wanted Yardman - Bury Free Press, 22nd October 1892

Wanted, a married man (no family) as YARDMAN, to live in farmhouse ; must be good drillman and stacker. - Apply to Mr. B. Skelton, Lopham's Hall, Carlton, Cambs.

Sale at Lopham's Hall - Bury and Norwich Post, 13 February 1822

EXCELLENT SUFFOLK MILCH COWS Remarkably fine strong true-bred Suffolk Chesnut Cart Mares and Geldings, A three year old colt, And a very fine chesnut horse foal, CORN, HAY, FURNITURE, &c. Lophams's Hall, Carlton, Cambridgeshire, TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mesrs, ISAACSON, (Under a Distress for Rent) on Thursday, February 21, 1822, and following Day,

The valuable and deservedly admired Team of true bred Suffolk Horses and valuable Dairy of Cows, Agricultural Implements, Threshed and Unthreashed Corn, Hay, Stover, &c; likewise the whole of the neat Household Furniture, &c. Plate, Linen, China, Glass, and Earthenware, Dairy and Brewing Utensils, &c. &c.

The Stock and Agricultural Implements comprise 9 capital Suffolk horses, a 5-year-old colt and a fine foal, excellent dairy of 9 cows, a quantity of remarkably fine swine and poultry, 3 strong waggons, 5 tumbrils, turnip cart, water cart, gig and harness, donkey cart and harness, 4 Ransome's ploughs, ploughs, harrows, rolls, cart and plough harness, portable 3-horse power threshing machine, drill machine, dressing machine, and other barn implements; about 80 tons (in 5 stacks) of excellent hay and clover stover, well got up and in good condition; 3 stacks of wheat, the produce of about 20 Acres; 4 stacks of oats, the produce of about 40 Acres; part of a stack of barley, ditto seed clover, and pease, and about 200 bushels of potatoes.

The Household Furniture, &c. consists of good sacken-bottom bedsteads with morine, dimity, and other hangings, excellent featherbeds, bolsters, and pillow, blankets, mattresses, quilts, and table linen; mahogany dining, pillar, card, and Pembroke tables, mahogany chairs with hair seats and brass nails, kitchen and chamber chairs, pier and dressing glasses, wardrobe, chest of drawers, capital clock in a handsome japanned case, fine-toned piano-forte, a quantity of glass and earthenware, beer casks, mash and wort tubs, boilers, saucepans, kettles, and every culinary requisite; and the Dairy replete with double-leaded milk trays, barrel churns, keelers, &c. &c; as will be seen in Catalogues to be had at the Rose, Walden; Crown, Chesterford; Lion, Linton; Eagle and Red Lion, Cambridge; Bell Inn, Bury; Cock, Thurlow; Place of Sale ; and of the Auctioneers, Moulton; and at their Offices, Clare and Newmarket.

First Day;s Sale - Stock, Agricultural Implements, Dairy and Brewing Utensils, Beer Casks, &c. - Last day - Furniture. Each Day's Sale begins at Ten o'clock.

Firemen got radio call on way home - Bury Free Press 5th January 1951

While it was returning to Cambridge after dealing with a chimney fire in a West Wratting house, a fire engine was ordered - by radio from headquarters - to go to a farm fire at Lopham's Hall, also in West Wratting.

The second fire destroyed barley straw and damaged two grain elevators.