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These are the Rectors of Carlton for which I have information, note that the number of parishioners sometimes varies wildly, probably due to changes in what counts as the parish.

David Cockerell (Rector 2001 - )

The current rector of Carlton, and also of Brinkley, Burrough Green, Dullingham, Stetchworth, and Westley Waterless which function as a United Benefice. His email address is

The Rector can be contacted via email at, and by snail mail to 23, Stetchworth Road, Dullingham, Newmarket, CB8 9UJ.

P.R.K. Whitaker (Rector 1953 - 1969)

Philip Randall Kerr Whitaker, B.A. St. John's College, Cambridge 1932, became a Deacon in 1933, and a Priest in 1934. He was Rector of Burrough Green from 1951, and additionally of Brinkley and Carlton from 1953. Rural Dean of Cheveley from 1965 (resident in Brinkley in 1965)..

In 1965 the patrons were C. Binney, St. John's College, Cambridge, and R.A.Vestey in turn. The living was 1006, and the population of the combined parishes was 618.

E.S.B. Barnes (Rector 1943 - 1952)

Edward Sebastian Barrington Barnes was Vicar of Cowlinge from 1936 to 1942, Rector of Great Bradley from 1942 onwards, and became Rector of Carlton-cum-Willingham from 1943.

He attended Ridley Hall, Cambridge, before becoming a Deacon in 1931 and a Priest in 1932.

In 1948 the patrons were Colonel B.L. Wilder and Dr J.M. Wilder, the gross living was 306, the net income was 282 plus a house, and the population of the parish was 222. E.S.B. Barnes was then resident at the Rectory in Great Bradley.

P.H.E. Wilder (1935 - 1941)

In 1935 the Rector of Carlton became the Rev. Percival Hampson Edwin Wilder B.A. of Pembroke College, Oxford, who resided at Great Bradley rectory, Newmarket.

The patron in 1937 was still the trustees of the late Rev. M.C.Wilder B.D.

W.R.G.Taylor (Rector 1927 - 1934)

Walter Robert Gordon Taylor, B.A. St Chad's College, Durham (2nd Cl. Th.) 1909. Deacon in 1909, Priest in 1910. Rector of Carlton with Willingham from 1927.

In 1929 the patrons were the trustees of the late Reverend M.C. Wilder, corn rent was 222, with 32 acres of glebe land, value 30. Gross income 284, Net income 232 and house. Population of the parish was 254.

A.E.Gover (Rector 1881 - 1923)

Alfred Edward Gover attended Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, becoming a B.A. in 1876, and an M.A. in 1880. He was a Deacon by 1878, and a Priest by 1879. In 1881 he became the Rector of Carlton with Willingham (in the Diocese of Ely). He was formerly Curate of St. Anne, Dudderston, 1878-1879.

Strangely in 1888 the patron was listed as Rev. J.Mc.M. Wilder, with the number of parisioners as 337, and the income as 287.

In 1902 the patrons of Carlton were the trustees of the Reverend W.S. Wilder, the income was 150, the church accomodation was 100 persons, and the population of the parish was 260.

J.T.Wilder (Rector 1869 - 1881)

John Trafalgar Wilder, M.A. from Cambridge, Priest from 1868, and Rector from 1869 of Carlton, Newmarket, Cambs.

In 1881 the number of parishioners was 447, and the income was 280. The patron was the Reverend W.S. Wilder.

T.W.Sewell (Rector 1864 - 1869)

Reverend Thomas Wilder Sewell - nothing else known yet!

W. Boldero (Rector <1813 - 1832)

Was buried in Carlton on the 11th May 1832, just six days after himself presiding at the burial of Rebecca Day.

During his time at Carlton he had three court cases on the subject of tithes and taxes - it appears he lost these, an account of his last appeal appears in the CTambridge Chronicle (at tedious length) on the 23rd July 1824 (page 3).