Licensed Victuallers
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Victuallers were obliged to register themselves, this give us some information about who ran the public houses in the village.

The CRO has two index cards for registered victuallers in Carlton (I forgot to check Willingham Green), the information is given below (apparently the actual registers don't carry any more information than is given on the index cards - something to check one day). The two pubs named are the Carpenter's Arms (now called Hillcroft - via the Axe & Saw) and the Bell (which I haven't heard of before). Here are transcripts of the cards:

Carlton - Carpenter's Arms (called Axe and Saw in 1788)
William Maling, junior 1772 Q/RLV2p.211
William Maling 1774 Q/RLV2p.226
William Edrop 1775 Q/RLV2p.249
Edward Turner 1776-77 Q/RLV2pp.279,302
John Withers/Whithers 1778-79 Q/RLV2pp.330,355
John Withers/Whithers 1780-86 Q/RLV3pp.10,29,56,76,98,137,149
Edward Quy 1787-89, 1791-94 Q/RLV3pp.166,189,214,265,280,324,349
Carlton - Bell
Joseph Cook 1764, 1766-71 Q/RLV2p.1,54,70,92,118,137,159