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Hamlet Hamlet Name::Carlton
Street House Name::Church Road
Location House Location::52.15104, 0.39834
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Is the building Listed House Listed::No
When the house was rebuilt House Date::No
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Photographs of War Memorial

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The War Memorial in Carlton is placed in a triangle near the St Peter's Church. It has the names of those who died in the First World War facing the main road, with those from the Second World War on the rear. The memorial is inscribed with "Faithful Unto Death".

Every two years the Parish Council employs a specialist firm of stone conservationists to professionally clean the War Memorial.

The names on the War Memorial are:

1914-1918 1939-1945
Ernest W. Hullyer Eric H Hulyer
Edwin A. Hullyer James Burton
Frank Heath
Hugh Heath
William Mansfield
John Smith
Arch Taylor
Thomas F. Thompson
Harry G. Trundley
Harry Clements

There is a transcription of the War Memorial which includes further research on those who died available here, and also a presentation that was made on Remembrance Sunday 2017 called Lest We Forget. Also the names in the table above link to the UndyingMemory website.