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Name House Name::Hillview
Former Names House Name::Hillview
Hamlet Hamlet Name::Carlton Hill
Street House Name::Brinkley Road
Location House Location::52.15467, 0.39967
Built on or before year House Date::
Is the building Listed House Listed::No
When the house was rebuilt House Date::Not applicable
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House Introduction::

Photographs of Hillview

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Hillview was demolished in early 2003. The photograph above was taken in May 2001, and note the different angle of the cat-slide roof from the later photos below.

The above aerial photograph, taken in 1971, is copyright Skyviews Aerial Photography. It shows Hillview Cottage with its taller, but single-storey modern extension to the rear. The fields behind and to the right are at this time undeveloped (no Fourwinds or Poppy Barn yet!). The bottom half of the cat-slide roof has a more shallow angle than in later life. Hillcroft's chimney and garden is visible to the lower left of the photograph. Below left is the house in the first stages of demolition on the 19th May 2003. The single storey kitchen (light blue, red chimney) and bathroom (dark blue) has been demolished. You can see how the cat-slide roof had the angle changed, with part of the original roof underneath. Construction of new house #2 to was already well under way in the garden to the right of this photograph. By the 10th June 2003 all that remains was a pile of rubble.

In the 1910 Land Tax records (no 413) Hillview was occupied by Henry Stubbings. The ownership is a bit confused - it says something like "J Haylock (? Long)(sent to James Avery)". Anyway it is taxed at 0 Acres 1 Rood.