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The wiki is fully editable - and you can go back and look at all previous revisions for every page, so don't worry about breaking something, we can always go backwards in time!

Go to the page you want to edit, and if you are logged on then one of the tabs at the top of the page will say "Edit" click on this and it will open a window with the raw text of the page. Edit what you like, and then at the bottom of the page will be a "Save Page" button.

You can change things as many times as you like, so you can try something, save it to see what the page will look like, and then edit it again. (there is a preview changes button that allows you to see what your edit would do - but this doesn't save the changes).

You can also edit individual sections instead of the whole page - this is sometimes useful for very big pages.

The meeting minutes are on this page:



Formatting is all done with text symbols, for example, headings start with "=" or "=="

= Heading 1 = 

== Smaller Heading 2 ==

=== Even smaller Heading 3 ===

Bullet lists just start the line with an asterisk *

For more examples see: http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:Formatting

For a new paragraph just add an extra blank line.

Creating a new page

The easiest way to create a page is to:

  • work out where you want to link to that page from (orphan pages are bad as no-one can find them!)
  • create a link to your new page (that doesn't exist yet)
  • save the page
  • follow the link - and it will ask you if you want to create the new page

Links look like:

[[Name of New Page|Text you want to appear on the screen in place of the new page name]]

More details about links.


The minutes have to be saved as PDF, uploaded to the site, and then added to tables - here are instructions for each of these:

Convert to PDF

Convert the meeting minutes to PDF format (from a new version of word then Save As... and choose PDF)

I rename the files to Carlton_PC_Minutes_YYMMDD.pdf for the parish council minutes, and Carlton_APM_Minutes_YYMMDD.pdf for the annual parish council meetings.

The Agendas are the same but the middle bit of the name is "Agenda" instead of "Minutes".


If you are logged into the website then you will see a menu item on the left called "Tools", under this is a link called "Upload File"

On this page you can upload documents and images.

There is a button called "Browse" which you click, then navigate to the file you want to upload, and then fill in a description of the file in the box labelled "Summary"

I normally fill in a full description so that search engines can find it ok, for example:

"Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting of Carlton-cum-Willingham Green on the 10th May 2011."

At the bottom is a button called "Upload File" which should then upload it (it might take a while given our connection).

When finished it should take you to the page for the file (each file has a page containing the file and the description of it).

Checking what files have been uploaded - under the tools menu is another item labelled "Special Pages" if you open this then there is a list of all the pages in the wiki used to maintenance. Under the section "Media reports and uploads" there is an item called "File List". Clicking on this will show all the files that have been uploaded.

If you upload the draft minutes like this, then when you come to upload the final minutes, if you use the same filename then it will add a new version of the same file (replacing the original). I suggest we note in the table of minutes whether they are draft minutes, or final minutes - so after uploading you need to change the description in the table cell.

Each table row has the date of the meeting, the agenda (when available) and the minutes (when available), along with the bank details. When a document is not yet available, then just leave a blank cell (a line still starting with "|")

For the APM you need three columns, for the normal parish meetings you need five columns.

Editing the tables

Tables start with "{|" (followed by some formatting instructions), and end with "|}".

Each cell takes up a new line, and there is a "|" in front of each new cell, and "|-" indicating a new row, for example:

{| class="wikitable" style="text-align: center;
! Date
! Agenda
! Minutes
| 22nd May 2014
| [[Media:Carlton APM Minutes 140522.pdf|Draft Minutes]]

Is a table with two rows and three columns (the headings use "!" instead of "|"). The second row, second column has an empty cell. When saved it looks like this:

Date Agenda Minutes
22nd May 2014 Draft Minutes

The part of the table that causes a link to the file looks like:

[[Media:Carlton APM Minutes 140522.pdf|Draft Minutes]]

The bit before the "|" is the filename that is being linked to, the bit after the "|" is the text that actually appears in the table.

For more examples of tables see http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:Tables

If you want to know how to do something then just ask me!