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The Cambridgeshire Archives Office is an amazing place to visit as they have many original records about the parish of Carlton-cum-Willingham Green.

The Records office has given limited permission to display those images taken from the records only on this website, if you want to use any images included in this website that were obtained from the Cambridgeshire Archives then you need to contact them via email: to ask for permission.

Although I have made inquiries into the original copyright owners of the depositors of the documents (or more accurately their descendants) in most cases they cannot be traced, so if you are a copyright holder of one of these documents, and object to their use on the website, then my apologies, and please let me know and I will remove them.

For items donated from the village Parochial Church Council and Parish Council then I have permission to use them only on this website, again please contact me if you want to use any such items elsewhere.

Cambridge Archives policy on the use of images

Just so I don't lose it, here is their policy on using images on a website:

Cambridgeshire Archives and Local Studies

Policy on the use of images of CALS holdings on external websites


Cambridgeshire Archives and Local Studies (CALS) welcomes the use of images of our holdings on external websites run by community groups and societies.

The following conditions exist in order to protect the interests of CALS and to protect the interests of any external body which may own rights in the original images or documents.


All requests to publish images of our holdings on an external website must be made in writing to CALS before any images are published.

CALS staff are to determine whether external publication of the selected images is permissible under copyright or other intellectual property right law, or under the specific terms of deposit or gift of the relevant collection. If CALS staff determine that such publication is not permissible, then permission for publication will not be granted.

There will be a limit on the maximum number of CALS images published on the website, currently twelve (12).

There will be a limit on the technical resolution of the images published, currently 72 dpi.

All published images must be accompanied by an acknowledgement to the relevant branch of CALS where the originals may be found (such as Cambridgeshire Collection, Cambridgeshire Archives, Huntingdonshire Archives).

Publication will be authorised for one, specified, website only. It is not permitted to re-use the images on other websites, or to publish them in books or magazine articles, or to sell or give copies of the digital images onto other bodies, without first making a request in writing to CALS.

These conditions apply to all images of our holdings no matter how the images were created, whether by CALS directly or by another party.

CALS reserves the right to request payment of a reproduction fee for publication of images, if CALS determines such a fee to be appropriate.

CALS reserves the right to alter these conditions at any time.