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Carlton-cum-Willingham is subject to several tiers of local government: parish, district, county, and parliamentary.

Parish Council of Carlton-cum Willingham

For more details see the new official site of the Parish Council which hosts the parish council documents from 2020 onwards.


The parish council for Carlton-cum-Willingham covers the whole parish from Carlton Green to Willingham Green. It consists of seven elected members who meet (with the parish clerk) once every three months (extraordinary meetings occur for more urgent issues).

More details are available about the parish council, including:

South Cambridgeshire District Council

S.C.D.C. maintains an extensive website.

Our elected District Councillors for the Ward of Balsham are Cllr. Richard Barrett (Conservative) and Cllr. Andrew Fraser (Conservative).

The ward of Balsham covers:

Cambridgeshire County Council

Cambridgeshire County Council covers the whole of Cambridgeshire and consists of 69 elected councillors.

Our local electoral division is Linton, and our councillor is Cllr. Roger Hickford (Conservative)

Parliamentary Constituency of South-East Cambridgeshire.

Although the district council is called South Cambridgeshire, the parliamentary constituency that Carlton lies within is called South-East Cambridgeshire.

The current Member of Parliament for South-East Cambridgeshire is Lucy Frazer, MP (Conservative). She has a website that describes the constituency and lists her e-mail address for contacting her about issues.