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News from 2015

10th September 2015 - Faster Broadband Update

We have had an update from Connecting Cambridgeshire on the rollout of faster broadband.

21st June 2015 - Mobile phone tower news

The new village mobile phone tower was erected last Monday, but will not be online for a few more weeks due to electrical installations.

Cricket Match Cancelled

Sadly the Carlton Celebrity Cricket match is cancelled this year (2015).

14th May 2015 - Annual Parish Meeting

The Annual Parish Meeting is at St Peter's Church at 8pm Thursday 14th May 2015, All are welcome. There will be a discussion about the potential for broadband improvements from the provider.

16th March 2015 - Accident at Sipsey Bridge

There is a link to this story on the Cambridge News Website

News from previous years:

  • 2010 - Election day and Michael Mann is shown voting in The Telegraph!