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Photographs of Places

If anyone has (or knows of) any other historic photographs of Carlton (even if they're not that old, things change quickly!) then I would be most grateful to hear of them, especially if I'm allowed to reproduce them on this site.

Aerial Photographs circa 1949

I have aerial photographs of several of the local villages (Brinkley, Westley Waterless, etc) including Carlton. I will add them when I can scan them (they are quite big).

Go to the 1949 Aerial Photographs page.

Woodman Spare the Tree

The below postcard (from the Cambridgeshire Collection) shows Carlton Green. The postcard is dated 6.1.31 by its sender. Woodman's Cottage is at this time a public house. The signpost says "Carlton. Woodman Spare the Tree.", followed by what I think says "Green King & Sons Ltd", but I can't read it properly. The modern (2002) photograph below shows this scene today. The old pub appears much the same, however Woodman House next door was completely rebuilt in the 1960's after the Victorian Cottage next door was pulled down in the 1950's.

The Axe and Saw

On the left is a photograph (held by the Cambridgeshire Collection) of Hillcroft (formerly the Axe and Saw public house) in around 1929. To the right is Hillcroft in 2002, it has lost the wooden lean-to shed on the right, as well as the low extension on the left. The door next to the left most downstairs window has disappeared as well. The main chimney appears a lot shorter.

Hillcroft 2002.jpg Hillcroft1929b.jpg

Rose Cottage

Here is a postcard of Rose Cottage in 1926 (from the Cambridgeshire Collection when it was the Post Office (as have been many houses in Carlton). The sign above the door reads "Carlton Post Office". Here is a photo of it in 2002 (I'll try an get a better matching one later).

Rose Cottage 1926.jpg Rose Cottage 2002.jpg

Acre Road in 1961

OldSchoolHouse Carlton 300dpi.jpg

These photographs were taken in around 1961 by Martin Reynolds (the Parish Clerk for many years). The picture to the left shows the "Old School House" as approached from the Church. The picture to the right shows "Corner Cottage" as you come up Acre road. Next door is 173 Acre Road. The "For Sale" sign is actually referring to a piece of land (on the right hand side of both photographs), on which now stands the houses "Paverley", "Breydon" and "Shantah".

CornerCottage2 Carlton.jpg

Below is the view in 1961 down Acre road (panorama stitched from 3 photographs). Note the lack of buildings on the left! Also the Horse Chestnut trees haven't been planted yet (they are excellent on walks for children to count, as there are ten on the left hand side).


Since the above photograph was taken the houses Paverly, Breydon, Shantah, and High House have been built on the left hand side of the picture.


Acre Cottage

Modern farming methods come to Carlton - with Acre cottage (in Acre Road) in the background.