Finchley Gate Farm

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Name House Name::Finchley Gate Farm
Former Names House Name::Finches Farm
Hamlet Hamlet Name::Carlton Green
Street House Name::
Location House Location::52.13850, 0.39722
Built on or before year House Date::
Is the building Listed House Listed::No
When the house was rebuilt House Date::Not applicable
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House Introduction::

Photographs of Finchley Gate Farm

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Whilst Finchley Gate Farm is in the hamlet of Carlton Green, Cambridgeshire, it is actually lies within the parish of Weston Colville. It is also known as Finches Farm (according to its sign!).

Finchley Gate Farm, circa 1949


In 1881 Finchley Farm was occupied by Stephen Stubbings (40) a horse keeper, and his family Hannah (40), Thomas (19), Rebecca (11), Lydia (7), Eliza (4) and Samuel (2).

By 1891 Finchley Farm was occupied by Philip Daniels (68), a farmer, and his wife Ann (68) and son Joseph (28) all from Balsham. Also with him are his grandchildren from Babraham Walter Linsdell (19) and Arthur Linsdell (15).

In 1911 Finchley Farm was occupied by Frederick George Grover (39) a farmer who was born in Binstead, Hants, his wife Julia Ann Grover (44) who was born in Thurlow, and their son Mwldwen James Grover (3) who was born in Marylebone.

Newspaper Articles

Mwldwen James Grover in the following articles lived at Finchley Farm, Carlton:

Pilot blinded by snow - Nottingham Evening Post, 9th April 1935



Theory of death dive.

Farm workers described at an inquest at Royston (Herts.) yesterday how they heart an aeroplane apparently in difficulties during a snowstorm.

The inquest was on Mwldwen James Grover, 27, of Carlton, Cambs., a salesman who was discovered dead near a wrecked plane at Kelshall, near Royston, on Friday.

It was stated that Grover has been flying for some years, and on Thursday was on his way from Cambridge to Reading.

Robert Deards, of heath Farm, Kelshall, said he was in a cartshed when a snowstorm came on. He heard an aeroplane approaching and from the sound he judged that it ran into the storm.

Dr. Henry Fox said that the death had occurred at least ten hours previously.

An Air Ministry inspector said that apparently the pilot in retracing his course to get out of the snowfall, lost control of the machine previous to being blinded by the snow. The machine must have struck the ground in a steep dive.

The jury returned a verdict of "Death by misadventure."

The London Gazette, 15th November 1935

List of intestates whose estates will, in the absence of kin, be administered by the treasury solicitor on behalf of the crown:- ...

Boulton (otherwise GROVER). The Mother of Mwldwen Kennedy Boulton (otherwise Mwldwen James Grover), late of Finchley Farm, Carlton, Newmarket, Suffolk, who died at Kelshall, Hitchin, Herts, on 4th April 1935, is requested to apply to the Treasury Solicitor (B.V.), Storey's Gate, London, S.W.1. (Estate about £350.)

Probate 17 June 1936

BOULTON Mwldwen Kennedy or GROVER Mwldwen James of Finchley Farm, Carlton, Newmarket Suffolk died 4th April 1935 at Kelshall Hitchin Hertfordshire Administration London 17 June to H.M.Treasury Solicitor.

Effects £710 8s. 6d. Resworn £702 8s

Summary of accident

4 April 1935

Miles M.2 Hawk G-ACSD, M J Grover, Cambridge

Dived into the ground in snowstorm, Kelshall, near Royston

Mwldwen James Grover (27) killed